Superbowl Champion Joins Team from Global Palliative Care, UN, UICC to Tackle Inequities, Score Touchdown for Humanity


Teams win the Superbowl and Teams provide Palliative Care; Teamwork is essential to ensure global access to, and availability of, quality palliative care.

INDIANAPOLIS, IN, UNITED STATES, February 7, 2021 / -- Winning a Superbowl is a pinnacle of success in sports, but it does not happen alone. “The Team is everything.” says Superbowl XXXI Champion Dr. George Koonce, a member of that victorious Green Bay Packers and currently Senior Vice President for University Relations at Marian University. He was able to realize his childhood dream of winning a Superbowl with the Green Bay Packers because of his staunch commitment and outstanding caliber of the Team.

Dr. Koonce reflects on this monumental Superbowl victory and shares how critical it is to have a committed and meaningful team in life, especially when someone faces overwhelming challenges such as living with cancer or bearing the brunt of inequities. Having lost his first wife to cancer, Dr. Koonce is keenly aware of the importance of a team beyond the football field. This serves as the impetus to build a bridge and unite what may seem to be opposite interests: sports and medicine, team versus isolation, a level playing field versus inequities. The contrasts are stark, but the core similarities are profound.

"We’re building an inclusive team around the globe to make changes within countries and communities to ensure access and availability to palliative care. Together we will score a Touchdown for Humanity”

Dr. George Koonce, Superbowl XXXI Champion; SV President, Marian University

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